MAFIA 3 (Digital Deluxe) – 60 FPS UNLOCK – 1080p ULTRA – NEW GAMEPLAY MOVIE #2 (PCS+ R9-390X)



So im really into MAFIA 3 the more and more I play it. It has a way of drawing u in, and although Mafia 2 was criticized for trying to pull off an Open World Game, id argue that is more of HOW it utilized the open-world of Empire Bay. Instead of filling a map with icons and distractions, it pulled players along a tight story with little room for wider exploration. Mafia 3 attempts to change this with an open-world The games Story takes place 24 Yrs later in New Bordeaux (a fictional throw back 2 New Orleans) The period’s Racial tension captured in game isn’t for the feint of heart, Mafia 3’s revenge story’s told via THE BEST Acted Out CUT-SCENES I’ve seen. Again its not like MAFIA 2, this even has a more linear prologue, & as for MAFIA 3 Open-World goes. it’s design, scenery, attention to detail and historical value is unprecedented. U learn about the Character (aka Protagonist) Lincoln Clay, via EPIC CUT-SCENE clips, told like 12Yrs Later by the effected, & throughout a”Court Trial” told thru WITNESSES, It begins coming home from the War in Vietnam, He’s a Decorated Soldier who went from Grunt to SPEC OPS. Lincoln’s view as a black man during a Fucked up time in US History & Some who play WILL BE OFFENDED, but u realize its the Games BEST Strength. YOU WILL HEAR Racial Slurs in game, but dont trip or be taken aback, you should be shocked & you should feel uncomfortable – But this IS OUR HISTORY, so to PRETEND it was anything different would be highly Disrespectful to those who lived in these times still living today. In New Bordeaux, some places don’t allow black people entry at all, some thru the establishment’s rear door. but what do you expect being an EPIC Mafia Game, So MAFIA III wants you to tear shit up, get revenge, tear the city down and raise YOUR EMPIRE from its ashes! But enough talking about it, LETS PLAY YO! But first…lol..Realize Lincoln was at home in blood soaked/napalm-scorched fields of ‘VIETNAM” (Haunts Him) and he’s more comfortable dealing street justice & the Games gun-play can be a trick to get used too, but when u do MAN CAN IT BE BRUTAL w/EPIC Head-shots followed by a Sweet POP Pints of Blood soak the walls/floor around the victim(s) & with every devastating SHOT they’re gonna die & tumble over boxes or give u that inconic SLUMP, so Lifelike can it be is why its so stressful having a huge PHYSIC’s Engine & Model. Movement is real fluid, so you’re often thinking 2-STEPS ahead of the action and close the range instead of sitting behind cover to Popping heads from a distance. Point is the Guns & Their sound are 1 U Must HEAR! The 2nd Best thing is one of many other vicious take-downs which I ABSOLUTELY Love & Always seen IN MY GAME PLAY to make watching more Fun and Enjoyable as the Madness Unfolds along with “HOW” I edit the game to bring you the MUST KNOW Storyline and without Compromising any of the many ways the game unfolds, i do it in a way you will understand the game/story line as it unfolds thanks in part to their GREAT CUT-SCENES & TRANSITIONS into the Story, but the LAG/DOWNTIME can be a DRAG…Literally while Seeking out Missions to endless Boring Driving Segments by in large I CUTOUT leaving SHORTER VIDEOS but with MORE CONTENT and NON STOP ACTION INTO ONE BATTLE TO THE NEXT SO IT PLAYS OUT LIKE A MOVIE! ENJOY FOR SURE! All in all Its a great game. and once u solve any issues (If Any) is Time is the Answer and since its release they’ fixed the 30 FPS LOCK & other “Issues” seem to be worked out in case ur interested.

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