Haven’t been on G+, YouTube and social media due to ongoing problems from my 4+ year battle with cancer and the heavy amounts of chemos I had to endure, even though I pulled off a legit miracle beating it not once… but twice… but also, at the cost of my over all health. As simple as I can put it is (despite the huge burden and stress it brings me) my MIND wants to do MORE then my body will allow.. this is aggravating to say the least, often makes me depressed. So much so I become isolated, withdraw, etc. Why? Well imagine u beat cancer. But during that battle ur simply fighting for ur life day to day….u enjoy every new day because it’s blessing…u FOCUS on life and just WISH you could be normal again instead of continuously worrying “WHEN” am I going to DIE…So..I think you get my point. Now that I got my second chance (or 3rd chance actually) to live life, you simply want to go back living it up again.. but in my case u can’t. You’d think after u beat it that it wouldn’t take YEARS to recover. Granted, my situation was unique and tougher than most. But in the end I often ask myself..Was it worth. As much as I’d love to say it was…I can’t honestly say that now. I’m trying like hell of late to get back 2 my business, YouTube content etc. In conclusion all I can say is I can’t make promises when how I feel day to day is so random and frustrating. But I can promise to never give up and try to do my best. I’m writing this because most my followers don’t have a clue on what my situation is like and “WHY” I’m not as frequent on here and social media. This is why. I honesty ask to have patience with me. I’ve accepted this is just a TIME thing and I just have to cling on to the hope that someday soon ill be close to 100% again. I did plan on honoring past giveaways like for @SweetEcho Jenn Custom PC winner of mine when i 1st came back WAY TOO SOON, likewise my buddy @Brizz Way Gaming which now has a new pc, therefore ill provide his son with it or @GoodGirl Games …all in all and either way this all from my heart. I’ve never been good in terms of being more open and honest about my situation and how the “OUTCOME” is out of my hands. Anyways thank u all who follow me here and my YouTube @ and if it not subbed then please do. I’ve been doing good this past week that I’m back playing bf1 and other games with my great friends on Origin, fellow YouTuber and great friends that u all should check out and support to like @SpenceHD and @ECHO Gamers & shoutout to the #GAMERCROSSROADS . So I got tons of content about ready for YouTube. Since I’m a business I must advertise my services and sell products other than just Ebay. So if u see or need anything you see in some new TECH content of PC BUILDS, MODS, REVIEWS+REVISITS & MORE that I’m playing catch-up with. So I got 3 Montage videos ill be uploading of the main videos going up this this week and next (while I feel good enough) and some Behind The Scenes, Broll and RAW Videos & Images ill share here too to maximize exposure and let my followers know I’m back and get caught up. So I appreciate u all and your on going support, love and care.

PS: Might as well add it here while I have a sec of my other Social Media links to please follow me on and keep up date. I’ll do the same back.


Again, Thank u everyone. Totally appreciate u all and plz add me, support my channel and the more high quality videos coming and not just montages, etc. I also appreciate ur questions and feedback too. Sorry so long. Just felt it appropriate since I do care about my success still and cling to the hope it helping out of my situation. This is just to update u all and also share any Gaming/Tech Content & Projects going on including Broll, Images and Videos that aren’t on YouTube and simply shared on Facebook and Instagram.

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