CORRUPTED AUDIO!! || Bendy and the Ink Machine – Episode 14

What is going on everybody?! It’s Manarkey here, and welcome to the fourteenth episode of my Bendy and the Ink Machine Let’s Play! In Bendy and the Ink Machine Let’s Play EP 14, unfortunately the audio of my commentary was corrupted (thanks Audacity). SO I decided to speed it up, put a little music in the background, and make a super short five-minute Bendy episode with me facing Bertrum and the Projectionist, my two favorite buds. I apologize again for the commentary corrupting, but I promise the next episode DOES have my commentary! I hope you enjoy my BatIM EP 14!

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Bendy and the Ink Machine is an indie horror game revolving around the story of Joey Drew and his animations as his partner, Henry, revisits some of the darker points of Joey’s career. In my Let’s Play of the game, you not only get to see me getting scared at the silliest little things, but you might even discover Bendy and the Ink Machine ALL Chapter 4 scares or a BatIM Boris Compilation (his name is Gerald, but whatever.) At the end of my Let’s Play of all five chapters, I will also probably talk with you guys about the Bendy and the Ink Machine Endings and Bendy and the Ink Machine Explained to get a better idea of the story of BatIM! Stay tuned for this series if any of that sounds interesting!
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