MEGA MAN With A Twist! Dr.Wiley is F**ked Up! (Let’s play with a sketch)

Hello I’m directionally Challenged and welcome to an idea presented to me by Melodotty! An awesome small streamer… she just streams now… I miss you doty, come back to videos… Anyways basically it’s a Let’s play… with a sketch in it. A let’s play sketch… a megaman sketch in a let’s play. It’s something i’ve never seen before really and I used to do them kind of? But this is something I really liked because I know I can do these well and I love doing them. So let’s trying out a sketch comedy let’s play huh? I’ve gone with the original megaman but if you have any other video games you think this would work with let me know and we can probably smash them in somewhere.

I really like this idea of shoving sketch comedy into a megaman let’s play or just a let’s play in general. I love video game sketch’s and I want to get into more comedy skits and sketch’s anyway so hopefully you all enjoy this megaman let’s play with a sketch!

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