Pizza Titan Ultra – Giant Robot Pizza Delivery Video Game. FIRE THE ROCKET FIST

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Pizza Titan Ultra – Giant Robot Pizza Delivery Video Game… What else is there? No really What else could you want form this? It’s a pizza robot game… It’s a game… about Giant Robots or Giant Mechs, whatever, delivering pizza. It has the best theme song ever and hands down is the best robot game ever. If you wanted a video game where you get to run around shoving your hand into peoples houses and delivering fresh hot piping pizza, this is the game for you! This Pizza Titan Ultra Let’s Play has everything trust me! It has retro 90’s style, It has references to Megas XLR, it has references to awesome old 90’s and 80’s cartoons! I mean hell Pizza Titan Ultra gameplay is even kind of like the old games… Kind of. I really love it, honestly.

AND! The Pizza Titan Ultra song is the best song ever. Seriously it is the best theme song ever. This is quickly become my favorite mech game ever. So Let’s Play Pizza Titan Ultra! The most amazing giant robot game… Giant Mech Game… Pizza deliver robot game… Thing… my god it’s everything just everything you ever wanted in a video game and more. You know you want the Pizza Titan Ultra game… You know you want to see how to play it… Think of this as your Pizza Titan Ultra Walkthrough! WHERE I SHOW YOU HOW TO BE AWESOME! So come and join me in a giant robot while we run around delivering pizza! #PizzaTitanUltra

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