First Look at PixARK EP 1

First Look at PixARK EP 1

PixArk Welcome to PixARK, a new game from the creators Snailgames. This is a “ARK Survival Evolved” type exploration game. PixArk brings the dinosaurs from the ARK Survival Evolved game with the building aspects of Minecraft. We embark with friends to craft, fight, and tame our way to victory. Come join me as we see what this new game is about. Check it out at

If you like to laugh, play games, and be entertained by silly hillbilly antics while I plays games then you are in the right place!

I publish “Let’s PlayWalkthroughs” daily!

Come along as we play, new and old, games for fun! I am a RPG’aholic and love action/adventure/puzzle games as well.

I am very approachable and open to suggestions, so feel free to shoot “The Fat Rogue Sarenixen” an email, tweet, comment, or message at any time. I will get back to you!
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