MORTY, SHALLOT, & ULTRA INSTINCT TB GOKU! | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 | PQs W/Mods

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After a week of me being sick, it’s time to get back to covering the creations I love!

First off, we’ve seen Rick in a plethora of costumes/forms over the past few episodes, now it’s time for Morty to try his hand in Xenoverse 2 combat!
Morty will be released alongside Rick in the future by CaliKingz01, feel free to check out his current works& know when Rick & Morty are released:

Next, everyone’s favorite new saiyan; Shallot, from Dragon Ball Legends, makes his Xenoverse 2 debut, complete with 2 rather impressive custom ultimates!
Shallot by Dallience:

And finally, somehow Towa has gained control of the greatest power in existance (thus far); Ultra Instinct Goku! This dark warriors takes the power fantasy and brings it to a whole new level with powerful stats with custom Supers & Ultimates!
(LINK NOT AVAILABLE. I’m not sure if the author took it down, or if the website is having issues, but keep checking back here & on the website and it SHOULD be back :/)

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