Rage of The Dragons – A Look Back at A Compelling SNK Fighting Game!

If there’s one thing SNK is greatly known for when it comes to their fighting titles, its the fact they’ve produced what are likely the most challenging fighting games in existence, and Rage of The Dragons is no exception! This visually compelling and incredibly challenging fighting title was originally intended as an updated sequel to Technōs Japan’s “Double Dragon” game from 1995.

But this game wasn’t developed by Technōs, but rather jointly developed by Noise Factory and Brezzasoft, with the game’s original design concepts being created by the Latin-American designer Evoga. Many of the characters depicted in the game took their likeness from the classic Double Dragon beat ’em up series.

Rage of The Dragons featured 14 playable characters in a tag-battle tournament, where players faced off in 2 vs. 2 fights.

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