How to Survive every Night in “Friday the 13th:The Game!”

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Hey it’s me back with another video and in this video you guys are going to see how I survive the night which is twenty minutes using Jenny. Jenny is my favorite Friday the 13the game counsellor to use.I wanted to show you guys how I actually use Jenny to beat Jason and maybe this video can help you guys survive the nights more easily using her. Jenny is actually the best character to use to survive the night with. Her stats are built to fight Jason and manage to keep her stamina pool at a decent level. Now she is slow,but that’s why you don’t ever bring her out in an open area.Its best to keep her around cabins and juke Jason through them. Also, again about Jenny’s stamina,remember if you get low just hit Jason to gain it back. That’s what I do to get extra stamina. The perks I use is rare medic which is two uses of a med spray,rare swift Attacker which is a 20% increase weapon swinging speed,and rare sucker punch which is 23% increase on stunning Jason. Most videos you’ll see on YouTube for a Jenny build is always stealth perks. Though I think her stealth is good enough. Her character is made to fight Jason,so why not buff that even more like I did? You may be a bit rusty at first on fighting him but keep in mind that it took me a while to do good with this build up. Once you get use to it,you’ll survive almost every night! Depending if you get some pocket knives… Now I’m so sorry for the game audio,I know you guys can’t hear it. When I recorded the clip it didn’t record the audio,though I will play some music while you guys watch the rest of the video. Enjoy!

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