UNDERTALE YELLOW Gameplay – CLOVER TO THE RESCUE – Fan Made Undertale Prequel – Part 1

UNDERTALE YELLOW Gameplay – Fan-Made Undertale Prequel – CLOVER TO THE RESCUE Part 1, hey there buddy I am 20BitWill and this is a treat to play for you. This is a fanmade game called Undertale Yellow which takes place before the actual Undertale game. You play as Clover who adventures into the dreaded mountains.
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Undertale Yellow (stylized as UNDERTALE YELLOW) is a turn-based role-playing game based on Toby Fox’s Undertale. The project is led by Master Sword and is developed on GameMaker: Studio.

Greenlit by Toby, it is notable for having famous faces behind the game’s soundtrack, such as NoteBlock, MyNewSoundtrack, and Master Sword himself. It is currently in development, with the first version of the demo having been released on November 30th, 2016.
The game’s main plot is the same as that of Undertale, with the war between Humans and Monsters, and the latter being sealed inside the Underground via a magic barrier. However, it follows the journey of the seventh human that falls into the Underground. This human is a young child named Clover.

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An ambiguous amount of years after the war, multiple humans have been rumored to disappear after heading toward Mount Ebott. With a Missing Poster in hand, Clover heads toward the mountain to investigate, and deliberately jumps into the Underground. There, they team up with Flowey and explore the Underground, with Flowey offering to Save for Clover.

Because Flowey is present in the game, it is possible that Undertale Yellow takes place just after the experiments that led to the creation of the Amalgamates. This may or may not imply that Alphys will make a reappearance.

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