“Friday the 13th the game” The top Five things I’m looking forward to in April’s Update!

Hey guys,I’m back with another Friday the 13th the game video once again.Today we are going to talk about the Top five things I’m looking forward to the most in Friday the 13th the game’s April update. Keep in mind that this is my opinion,so if you don’t agree with my list let me know what your list would have been.So let’s get started.
So coming in at number five is single player challenges. Now I know a lot of people would have probably put this at like number two or three,but honestly,there’s just other things I’m looking forward to more than this. Don’t get me wrong though,I’m looking forward to this mode thats why I put it at number five. The whole idea of a movie-like scenarios storyline is pretty cool. I’m looking forward to playing it and unlock the emotes that it will give you for completing the skull challenges. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to play out.
So coming at number four is going to be legendary perks. Now I know some people may think I’m crazy for being more excited for this more than single player challenges. Here me out though,as a person who plays the game a lot and pretty much has everything in the game and nothing to buy with their credits,has to be looking forward to this. Legendary perks is going to be fun to grind for and get those sweet bonus buff along with the legendary perk. Not only that I can’t wait to see how much higher the percentage is going to be for some of the perks. It’s going to help the counselors out a lot to escape better in the match. Though let’s just hope it doesn’t make it too easy for them to escape and fight Jason or they will have to tweak them or buff Jason all over again.
So the third thing on the list that I’m looking forward to in April’s update is Jason Weapon swapping. One of my favourite Jason’s to use in the game is Jason part six. Though,I absolutely hate his spear,like I have mentioned in my previous Friday the 13th the game video. My favourite weapon to use in the game so far is probably the machete. Though Jason part 7 is the only one that can use it,and I hate using that Jason because his strengths and weaknesses are awful. It’s a good thing they are changing him up a little in the next update. Though I probably won’t use him anyway now that I can use the machete with Jason part six,I don’t know why they never gave that Jason the machete in the first place considering that’s the weapon he mainly used in the movie. I guess because to give players more of a verity of weapons to use,instead of using the same weapons for different Jason’s. Though now we can use verity of weapons for all Jason’s.
So the second to last thing I’m looking forward to in the next update is something that hasn’t been confirmed by gun media though. I’m just really hoping it actually does happen in the next update,and it is the pyjama pack. Now the reasoning on why I put this at number two is because of the fact that they we may actually get some new clothes that we can choose to put on our counselors. Plus the excitement of not knowing if it’s coming is interesting. It would be a bummer if it doesn’t happen though. Some people have speculated that it’s just going to be clothes that the NPCs are going to where in the single player challenges mode. Honestly though,I can’t see gun media doing that to us. I’m pretty sure they are not going to add whole new outfits for every counselor just for them to wear in single player challenges and we are not even going to have an option to put it on our counselors in multiplayer matches. Even if it’s a clothes pack we will have to buy I’ll be satisfied with it.
So number one on the list that I’m looking forward to the most in April’s update in Friday the 13th:the game should be pretty obvious to most of you guys,and that is the new engine upgrade. Gun Media is upgrading the unreal engine to the newest so they can fix bugs that can’t be fixed currently and to make the servers run more smoother. Not only that, the graphics are going to look better and be more detailed. Plus they can add dedicated servers in the game,which is host migration. I can’t wait to see how much better the maps are going to look and how much more detailed the kills on counselors is going to look. This is the update that we’ve all been waiting for!
So there’s you my top five things I’m looking forward to the most in April’s update on Friday the 13th the game. I hope you enjoyed the video,if so,leave a like and subscribe! Do you guys agree with my list? If not,what’s your list? Let me know in the comments section,I am very interested in hearing what you guys have to say. If you want to know everything that’s coming out in April’s update just click the video on the left here! I’ll see you guys in the next video or stream of mine,goodbye!
“Friday the 13th:The Game” Everything that’s going to be in April’s update – https://youtu.be/TLtjACchTtg

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