VR Fitness Series Week 10 – VR Fitness Insider Challenge: BoxVR

So here we are in week 10 and this week we are going back to playing our favorite VR workout game BoxVR. So far in this series we have played and evaluated many of the fitness focused VR games out there currently but BoxVR has always been a stand out for both of us.

We were also both excited to see that BoxVR was chosen to be the game used for the VR Fitness Insider challenge so we decided to give it a shot and enter the contest. For the next month we will be playing BoxVR a minimum of 4 times per week and submitting our scores to VR Fitness Insider for a chance to win some awesome prizes so wish us luck!

If you are not familiar with BoxVR I have to say it is one hell of a good workout and a fun game as well. Stacey did have some issues with the tracking during her session but still powered through it and posted a great score while I had perfect tracking and still struggled because I have absolutely no rhythm. We tested this on both of the gaming computers in the house and got similar results but only in this game so I wonder if something got broken in the last update?

Anyway, that’s it for this week but we will be back next week with a new game and our results from week 10 so stay tuned! []-)

If you want to try BoxVR for yourself you can grab a copy here:

Oculus Store:


For some great articles and game reviews on VR fitness apps be sure to check out VR Fitness Insider here:


Looking for some great supplements? We both highly recommend Dymatize! Check out what they have to offer here:


PC #1 Specs:
I7 7700K
GTX 1070
16GB 3200mhz Ripjaws
MSI Z270 Gaming M7

PC#2 Specs:
GTX 980ti
16gb Ripjaws X
MSI Z87 G45 Mobo


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