Sea of Thieves How to Cheese the Merchant Level Up Merchant Alliance Fast

The merchant alliance is the most tedious mission out of all of the possible missions that you can do. It is not nearly as interesting as hunting for treasure or fighting off waves of enemies. I am going to show you how to cheese the merchant an complete as many voyages as quickly as possible.

Step 1:
The first thing you want to do is pick up all of the voyages from the merchant. You will not be able to pick up an animal crate from the merchant until everybody in your pirate crew has voted on a mission. Once the mission has started, head back to the merchant and pick up the crates required to complete the mission.

Step 2:
With the crate on board your ship, go ahead and cancel the mission. This will allow you to propose the next mission and pick up more crates from the merchant.

Step 3:
Once you have plenty of crates on board to complete several missions it is time to start sailing to different islands to pick up as many chickens, snakes and pigs as possible. Use the below images as cheat sheets to save you time and now have to go island hopping. I found these on Reddit and they are not my images.
Cheat Sheet by Mickeychr:
Cheat sheet map by Nhymn:

Step 3:
Profit. Go turn in the animals needed to complete the voyage you are currently on. Turning in a golden chicken while on a mission will give about 1,013 gold and only 177 gold when not on a mission. Once the voyage is complete it is time to start the next voyage that you have all the animals for and go turn them all in.

This is going to be the fastest way to level up the merchant alliance in Sea of Thieves. If you have any tips or suggestions please share in the comments!

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