Let’s Play – Bloodborne:Noob Wins…Fatality!! (Part 2)

WARNING: this gameplay was conducted by a complete noob who has never played a souls game; you have been warned!

Yes! after many trials and tribulations I’m starting to actually enjoy playing this game! and that rewarding feeling after beating a boss is incredible,it’s like being the last man standing on the team and you have to win no matter what! this is part two of the series that I’m recording, so if you enjoy don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more!

My channel is an ever evolving channel. Which means I’m always making tweaks to make it better; so jump on board and you’ll see what I’m about!

I started to make videos on Facebook because i wanted to show my friend an awesome killstreak i got on CODWW2; (shout out to my boy Tavis he has the game and don’t hardly play it….dead ass lol!)but after that I started to enjoy the editing process! he and my friends on Facebook are the main reason why i’m here doing my best an always improving! they are the ones who pushed me to make a YouTube channel so I’m gonna give them and everyone else some amazing content!


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