Mechs V Kaijus – A Mech Tower Defense Game

Mechs V Kaijus – A Mech Tower Defense Game by Double Punch Games. Mechs V Kaijus is exactly what you would expect it to be. A Mecha tower defense, where you pilot a robot, chill on a wall and take out Kaiju that try to destroy said wall. It’s a bit different than your traditional Tower Defense in that you are stationary, where normally you have roads and paths that they have to take. You can build walls to stop the kaiju from coming… But you can also build anti-air cannons, tesla coils and the like, to aid in your defense. It goes without saying that this belongs to the tower defense (media genre), seeing as it is a Mech tower defense game. I actually found this video while browsing Mech games on and honestly, had a ton of fun playing it.

Tower defense and mechs are some of my favorite things, I really freaking love Gundam and Pacific rim is my jam… so this game, is pefect for someone like me. I get to live out my fantasy of Piloting a giant mech and crushing Kaiju… well… not exactly. I get to shoot them with bullets till they go boom, but hey, you win some you lose some. Anyways, after finding this, I had to do a Mechs V Kaijus let’s play to show you guys! I really want to see this game take off as this is just the Demo! So if you love Mechs, Kaijus, Giant robots and Tower Defense games, this is the game for you! I’ll leave a link here down below, check it out and support the awesome creators over at Double Punch Games!

Seriously though, I want to play more games with mechs in them… like bad.

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