Attempt at Romance || A Shark Let’s Play: Fahrenheit ( part 4 )

Welcome to the fourth episode of Fahrenheit – or as it is known in North America “Indigo Prophecy”, by A Shark Let’s Play.

I play’d this as a child. It is THE game that got me into QTE’s ( Quick Time Events ) and loving games such as Until Dawn. It probably helped for my help of story-driven games.
It is a game by the master-mind designer; David Cage: the person behind the games “Heavy Rain” and “Beyond: Two Souls” and ofcourse one or two other games. He has an upcoming game called “Detroid: Become Human”, but I’m not sure I am that hot for that game. But this is a good game.
This is also my first PlayStation2 game capture.

Best regards.
// John and Craig

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