FRAN BOW | Episode #27 | Mabuka’s Den – [Equals Out]

Welcome back to Fran Bow! Today we enter the domain of the one who sits at the end of the world, Mabuka’s Den.

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Fran Bow is a creepy adventure game that tells the story of Fran, a young girl struggling with a mental disorder and an unfair destiny.
After taking notice of the brutal and mysterious loss of her parents she rushes into the woods with her cat, Mr. Midnight. In the forest she goes into shock over the loss of her parents and after recovering wakes up at Oswald Asylum, separated from her cat. After seeing him in a dream however she decides to escape and find him and make her way back to her aunt Grace, her only living relative.

Music Used:

Outro song by PotterPuppetPals – Potter Puppet Pals: Draco Puppet

I do NOT own any of these songs.

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