Ancient Shield Myth Busters – Breath of the Wild

There are a lot of questions and myths around the ancient shield and how it works. I have decided to take the time to answer some of the questions from the last video:

1. Can flying Guardians break the Ancient Shield in one hit?
2. Can Ganon Destroy the ancient shield in one hit?
3. How many shots can the Ancient shield take?
4. Can a single guardian destroy the ancient shield?

The guardian shield looks a lot like the ancient shield. The Guardian shield is the one that you pick up from the test of strength shrines (and random chests) while the ancient shield is the one you get from the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

The guardian shield will break to any laser in a single hit every time. This shield is not able to automatically parry or deflect a laser from a stalker guardian, flying guardian, sentry or Ganon.

The first myth we take a look at is if flying guardians are able to destroy an ancient shield in one hit when they are up high. The angle of attack will play a major role in deciding if a laser will hit the ancient shield at all but you will have to watch the video to see if we busted the myths or not.

Note: I do not pretend to assume that I tested every possible factor that could skew the results in this video. Based on testing each myth or question more than once, I believe that my findings are fairly conclusive. Please let me know in the comments below if you had your ancient shield break in a single hit from a flying guardian, sentry guardian or stalker guardian.

Right now, I believe if you had a blue shield break in a single hit from a laser…. It was probably a guardian shield.

Thank you so much for checking out the video. I try to stream every Thursday. If you want to come play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the community be sure to add my friend code and subscribe to the channel:

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