SONIC VS INFINITE | Let’s Play Sonic Forces | HARD MODE | Part 7

SONIC VS INFINITE ! Let’s Play Sonic Forces | HARD MODE | Part 7! The Showdown between Sonic and Infinite! The Infinite Boss Battle! The First epic battle of Sonic vs Infinite! That’s what’s going down in this let’s play of Sonic Forces! That’s right! We’re going to fight Infinite the… whatever the heck he is… Some kind of fox, wolf, kitsune? Thing? If you want to see what not to do when fighting infinite this is the best episode for you! If you want to see the most entertaining Sonic Forces boss battle though, then this episode IS for you! I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to come in expecting from this fight with infinite… I liked it though. Battling across the back of a giant snake while you have these rings of spikes coming at you… it’s pretty amazing!

So far of the two boss battles, Sonic Vs Infinite is my favorite. It’s not really a lot to compare it to but… Infinite just makes a more interesting fight. So if you guys are interested in the sonic vs Infinite fight! I Hope you watch my video and I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll be working on getting more parts of Sonic Forces up soon! I want to complete my let’s play/playthrough of if quickly because I actually have quite a few games i’m interested in playing! So Enjoy my Let’s Play of Sonic Forces, Sonic Vs Infinite fight… ON HARD MODE CAUSE I’M A BOSS!

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