PT Concept Movie – Silent Hills Cinematic Trailer – THIS GAME WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT

PT Concept Movie – Silent Hills Cinematic Trailer – THIS GAME WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT 👽 Welcome and here we are with this gem. This was my first time seeing the Silent Hills Cinematic Concept Movie for the cancelled Silent Hills video game. I am Purpleoak so please enjoy the game that could have been.

Silent Hills is a cancelled Silent Hill game for the PlayStation 4. It was supposed to be developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami. Silent Hills would have been directed by Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, Junji Ito and starred Norman Reedus.

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👽About Silent Hills PT👽
On August 12th, 2014, Sony announced that an interactive teaser called P.T. (which stands for “Playable Teaser”) by fake developer “7780s Studio” was made available on the PlayStation Store exclusive to PlayStation 4. Upon completion of P.T., its true identity is revealed to be a teaser of the upcoming Silent Hills.

P.T. begins with an unknown protagonist waking up in a mysterious house which eventually becomes haunted in a first-person gameplay style. The demo showcases the realistic graphics of the Fox Engine. The demo intentionally features no blatant Silent Hill references (aside from “Lisa” written on a wall), as to not prematurely expose the reveal. At the end of the demo, the protagonist wakes up in Silent Hill. Silent Hills would apparently feature a character (or main character) voiced by Norman Reedus and designed in his likeness.

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