EAT ALL THE WORMS! Let’s Play Worm.Is

EAT ALL THE WORMS! Let’s Play Worm.Is! Worm.Is is literally a game about eating all the worms. You’ve played Slith.Io! You’ve played! Well Worm.Is is pretty much the exact same thing as that. It’s a free to play game like or agario, you are a worm. You eat other worms. You try to grow as big as possible. There’s a bunch of other game modes, but I stuck to free for all for this episode. I found it, I thought it was a cool fun little free game and decided to record it! In this episode, I tried to get as massive a worm as I could… and I tried to be as family friendly as possible. Because youtube loves their family friendly let’s plays! (I just want to TRY to swear less. its for me.)

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