Silent Hill Gameplay Trailer – The Official E3 Trailer From 1998 – I WAS 8 YRS OLD

Silent Hill Gameplay Trailer – The Official E3 Trailer From 1998 – I WAS 8 YRS OLD 👽 I go by Purpleoak and well here we are with the official e3 trailer for the original Silent Hill from way back in the day. As many times as I have played Silent Hill 1 I had never seen the trailer till today.

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Silent Hill is the first installment in the Silent Hill series of psychological survival horror video games. The game was developed by Team Silent and published by Konami.

It was released for the Sony PlayStation in North America on January 31, 1999. It was re-released on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3, but not for PlayStation Vita (however, it can be played on the Vita via PS3 Remote Play, or by transferring the game manually from the PS3), or PlayStation 4.

Silent Hill had a huge impact and legacy on the survival horror genre since its release, showing what horror video games could be capable of. In its own series, it has spawned seven more main installments, comics, two films, and more. It has also had a major influence on horror and narrative-driven video games as a whole, showing how video game stories could have emotion, depth, complexity, and meaning.

Silent Hill 3 is a sequel set seventeen years after the game, while Silent Hill: Origins is a prequel set seven years before the game. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a re-imagining of the game set in its own universe, sharing the game’s original premise.

The 2006 film Silent Hill is a loose adaptation of the game’s characters and plot, set in another universe.

👽 In Silent Hill Gameplay Trailer you will get to see Harry Mason, some gameplay, horror elements, and monsters. Konami needs to make a remaster remake of this game for sure.

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