How To Beat Zavrok in 30 seconds | Sonic Forces | 4 [Hard Mode]

Finding out how to beat zavok was a pain for me. None of the guides told me how to do it. So I had to look it up on the steam page for sonic forces and even then, a few of them were incorrect. So if you look up how to beat Zavok, don’t trust everything you see. This entire episode of Sonic Forces is taken up by trying to fight that damn boss. If you just want to see exactly how I did it, just watch the first 30 seconds to a minute of it. The rest of it is simply a let’s play of the fight.

I personally don’t care for it when people make these guides and don’t simply just get to the point. So… I did that for you all! I hope that you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoy playing it. Sonic Forces is my freaking comfort zone man, It’s amazing.

If you guys have been enjoying this playthrough let me know! Tell me what other let’s plays or what kind of video games I can play for you! 😀

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