FANGASMING! | One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 | Playthrough Walkthrough | 52

I fangasm all over one piece!

It’s no joke, basically, Just talking about how much I love the characters and plot of one piece in general in this episode. I also take down some thugs, re-unite with my crew and get ready to KICK SOME A$$! (It’s censored youtube, don’t ban me.) I really do like One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, for letting me live out my fan-tasy of being apart of one piece. (And getting to play as Zoro… Looking at Nico robin… all sorts of amazing fantasies lived out.) There are still things I dislike, but… that’s saved for the review.

So hope you guys enjoy this playthrough! And drop me some comments, tell me what you like about One Piece! Or if you haven’t seen it yet, tell me why!

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