Ruh Roh, This is Not Good Kiddos…Fallout 4 VR Oculus Rift Gameplay

The day has arrived. I can finally wax nostalgic over my beloved Fallout 4. This is the game that started my short lived Twitch streaming career in 2016. After 40 minutes gameplay on Oculus Rift the best part has been the gunplay. Shooting bloat flies is much easier in VR than in its flat counterpart. Using the Oculus Touch stick controls as replacements for the Vive track pads is a lesson in frustration and finds the pipboy menus completely unusable. Fallout 4 VR is like that ex-relationship you think of fondly until you look it dead in the eye. Pretty but crazy where it counts and frankly, it hurts man! For Rift users I recommend waiting for touch control mods and for Vive users the winter sale. Time to get back into the vault wastelander! – SGD

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