Speed, Body Movement, Define VR Hoverbike Racing in Cyberpunk Arcade Thriller Neon Seoul: Outrun

Today we go back to the future in a neon cyberpunk hoverbike racing game inspired by the cult 1986 Sega hit Outrun in Neon Seoule: Outrun. The game features “ultra fast-paced VR arcade…” and promises a feeling of speed and makes use of full body HMD leaning controls for steering and acceleration and stopping. Set to a fast paced synthwave-esque (albeit fairly simplistic) soundtrack this title really gets your heart pumpin and your legs and body moving. So let’s strap in and try to make our way to the top of the global leader board. Be sure to look out for the Drone cops! – SGD

More information on Neon Seoul: Outrun can be found on Oculus: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1708812882526415/

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