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Contestant Smellsbad Gaming

Entry for Tournament 4 of Gamer Thrones!

Enter your Gameplay in our monthly contest and you could be crowned KING!
More importantly you could take home the monthly cash prize!

$250 US
+ The winning video will sit upon the Diamond Throne (including GamerThrones Official Homepage and YouTube Channel Featured Video) for a month!

Every Gamer can send a maximum of 3 videos per monthly contest.
By entering the video in our contest the inscriber retains all ownership rights of their video and grants Gamer Thrones permission to use their original content across all Gamer Thrones Social Platforms.
Inscriber must only upload original content.
Sending your video indicates acceptance of these rules.

Send a link to your video to
or @GamerThrones_YT

If your video complies with our rules we’ll upload it into our monthly contest where it will compete against rival Gamers!

If crowned Winner at the end of the month, the video will earn the throne and the inscriber will receive the cash prize!

Good Luck!
Happy Gaming

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Smellsbad Gaming

Gaming videos uploaded almost every day. Kiwi. Terrible sense of humor. Bad accent and player.

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