Sega Ages: OutRun – Arrange Mode (Playstation 2 – 2004)

A modern 3D remake of Sega’s classic arcade racing game OutRun! The game was part of the “Sega Ages” series, which was Sega’s attempt to bring back its classic library of games to modern consoles.

This version of OutRun which was released back in 2004, featured the original game re-imagined in 3D, and offered 2 modes of play, an arrange mode (some new tracks, along with new variations of the originals), and an arcade mode (the original OutRun game with all 15 of the original courses).

What’s more, you could choose between 3 of the original sound tracks, or their more modern remixes, which sound amazing by the way!

Another aspect Sega brought back from the original series was the use of rivals. For those who remember the Turbo Outrun arcade title, players were not just pitted against a clock, but outlaw Porsche who would constantly try and ram you off the road.

In the arrange mode of the Sega Ages version there’s a total of 7 rivals to beat, which we managed to leave in the dust in the video.

This was the 13th title released for the Sega Ages series, and this version was on the Playstation 2 console.

One interesting thing to note about this game was the fact the vehicles don’t typically change lanes during the race, as was often the case in early arcade versions of the game.

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