Top 5 Hidden Moons Super Mario Odyssey- Sand Kingdom

Some of the most difficult parts of Super Mario Odyssey has less to do with the jumping and platforming and more to do with the hidden moons. It can be dang near impossible to find all of the hidden moons if you don’t know where to look. In this video I will show you where to find the five hardest moons in the Sand Kingdom.

First- Underground Treasure Chest Moon:
In the underground cavern below the inverted pyramids (only available after beating the broodal boss) there is a moon hidden in this area. Just before getting to the deepest underground area there is a Bullet Bill that you can capture and move over to the right hand side. There are some platforms you can get to the top of and find 100 coins as well as a moon in a chest.

Second- Above a Strange Neighborhood Moon:
0:50 There is a rocket that is normally frozen when you start the Sand kingdom. You can find it in the little town near the starting point on top of the houses on the right side. After defeating the broodal and the boss in the deepest underground cavern all of the ice will melt. There are actually two stars in this mini game area. One of the stars is mid way through the map up high. You can only see it if the camera is just right.

Third- The Lurker Under the Stone Moon:
1:37 On top of the inverted pyramid there is something that is below the surface. You are not able to ground pound this thing until you stun the bump with a cap throw and then quickly ground pound.

Fourth- Hidden Moon in the Flowering Sands Moon:
2:10 This is easily the hardest moon in the Sand Kingdom. Near the swirling vortex of sand on your way to the inverted pyramid there is a hole in the wall. You will not be able to see the wall because the hole is below the sand. hollow the video to see where to let Mario sink and get into a secret room holding the XXX Moon

Fifth- Alcove in the Ruins Moon:
2:34 The last moon is hidden below some platforms that you may not know how to get to if you have been avoiding the quicksand from the beginning of the game like it is hot lava.

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