Footrace Mini Game Challenge- Breath of the Wild

I challenge you to the Footrace Minigame!

The Footrace Check-in is located East of the Great Plateau Tower. If you go to the Tabantha Bridge Stable all you have to do is head straight North. You will find the Footrace Check In on your right-hand side. You should be able to see some smoke which will point you in the right direction. (unless it is raining)

Once there Konba will ask if you want to race. It will cost 20 rupees to enter and if you win you will receive 50 rupees. This race is not a viable way to make lots of rupees. Today the race is a challenge. I want to see who can get this done the fastest.

My best time is 46:86. If you can beat me, I will shout you out on Twitter. Just be sure to tag me in the picture proof on twitter: @HelyeaRelyea. If you want you can also upload a video and tag me. I am sure it is possible to beat this time and I now have a whole new appreciation for speed runners.

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