SNES Classic Unboxing + Giveaway

This video is my first impressions and unboxing of a SNES Classic. There is also an announcement for a SNES Classic Giveaway! First off the artwork on the box is great. The colors all pop and you can clearly see all the difference games available. Be sure to let me know in the comments what game or games you are looking forward to playing.

What is in the SNEC Classic Box?
Instruction manual
Two controllers
USB Mini Cable
Power cube
SNES Classic

The SNES Classic is a really awesome mini replica of the original SNES. I was surprised to learn that the internals for the SNES Classic are actually the exact same as the NES Classic but the externals just look different. I was also surprised that they didn’t use the same controller ports from the original SNES. The new controllers use some strange new port. I am sure the old port was too big.

The lineup of games is straight amazing. I can’t wait to get into Super Mario RPG and then Donkey Kong Country and Mega Man X. There as so many games that I want to play all over again and some I want to play for the first time.

Q: How many controllers does the SNES Classic come with?
A: Two Controllers

Q: What kind of power cord does the SNES Classic use?
A: Micro USB cord

Q: Can you save games on SNES Classic?
A: Yes, you can use the save game feature in 15 of the games included and you can save at ANY time using the reset button and suspending your game.

Q: Can you power the SNES Classic with a portable charger?
A: Yes! the Super NES Classic Edition is rated only draws 2.3W from the provided USB adapter. if your portable charger puts out 2.3W or more you are good to go.

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