XBOX GAMES AND A HEAD?! GameStop Dumpster Diving Haul! Dumpster Diving at GameStop! Dumpster Diving!

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Welcome Back To Jebus Gaming!

Tonight, we had an amazing night of dumpster diving at GameStop! We found a bunch of awesome stuff GameStop dumpster diving, and were really excited to do so! The first part of this GameStop dumpster diving haul was a nice huge stack of cases that will all be added to the case wall! I also found three nice new games, that all came in the case, which is always great to find! I also found a few Nintendo DS games, including Mario and Final Fantasy! Lastly, I came across a mannequin head which REALLY scared me! When I first noticed the mannequin head, the neck was covered by trash bags, so it looked MUCH worst! If you did enjoy the video, make sure you leave it a like, and if you’re not already, hit that subscribe button for awesome dumpster dives all the time!

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