MEGA JACKPOT!! GameStop Dumpster Diving! GameStop Dumpster Diving Jackpot! GameStop Dumpster Diving!

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Tonight we had an absolutely EPIC night of GameStop dumpster diving! First off, we found a couple different Dragon Age games, which was cool! Dragon Age was a very fun game for me years ago, and is was really cool to find it once again! I also found a ton of new cases to be added to my case wall, which is of course absolutely great! We found a Nintendo Wii controller, which is great since that was one of the things we needed for the Nintendo Wii we found just a few night ago! I also found my first fidget spinner, which was just pretty cool. Lastly, our night was topped off with two huge boxes of the Destiny 2 Cayde-6 figures, which was EPIC! These figures are going for between $10-$30, and we found 45 figures, which definitely means we are making a TON of money off of them! If you did enjoy the video, make sure you leave if a thumbs up, and if you’re not already, hit that subscribe button for more EPIC dumpster dive videos!

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