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The Wizards is an adventure spell-caster game game. In the game you learn magic spells which act as weapons, and which you can then use to fight a variety of goblins. Initially you start with two magic spells/weapons, a fireball and a bow and arrow. The game has different levels which you unlock upon completion of each, and based on your points, you have the potential to learn new spells throughout the game.

Upon completion of level one you are gifted a spell book in which you can keep track of your spells/spell potential, and you also have the option to return to the arena area at any point to practise each spell if you wish to. Different goblins take different damage from different weapons, and there is a voiceover which acts as your guide as you travel through the game and also reveals details of what so far seems to be an interesting backstory for the game. The artwork of the game is also beautiful, the environments are detailed, the music and sound effects are great, and you can even explore your Wizard home/room.

I particularly enjoy, using the fireball in combat, and the voice acting which is great. The only criticisms I have about the game, are the initial tutorial, which could have been more specific in regards to how to use the controls, by highlighting the grip button or using text to show that this is the button you should use to obtain your arrow from your back, (as although there is no standard in regards to controls the trigger is typically used for archery in other VR games), so this would be helpful to know immediately to improve the player experience.

I also think that it should either improve the teleportation system, or simply highlight in the tutorial that the teleportation works best when pressing the top or bottom of the trackpad as opposed to the centre. Once I played with the controls, the teleportation for example was very smooth, but an immediate indication of this would have been helpful, or I would suggest improving the teleportation so that using the middle of the trackpad works. I assume that because the bow and arrow is designed to be that of a wizards’, this is why it requires a certain movement to summon and then disappears after a few seconds of use, but as the game progressed I found this to be a little tedious, so would suggest changing this mechanic.

It would also be nice to have more control options available. The other suggestion would be to add difficulty levels. The game is also in early-access though and so considering that the controls are smooth once you figure them out, these are very minor criticisms at such an early stage in development. I am also hoping that the game will live up to it’s price point with the addition of more content since it is in early-access. The game is otherwise very enjoyable to play, especially for anyone who loves magic like myself, or has always wished to be a wizard.

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