Pod Fiction – Fourteenth Landing – Bad Guy Montage – (Feat. Eric Zubert)

This is it the Season Finale of Season two everyone. Can’t lie every time we get to this crossroads we get a little emotional (all two times we’ve done it) But you know the drill at this point folks, just because we’re reaching the end of both pod cast we host on this channel for another season dose not mean we will stop making some amazing things for your lovely people at home. We have many great series that we will be running and a lot of series we want to try and finish and who knows perhaps we’ll sprinkle a little something new into the mix (we will definitely be doing new things)
But thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our weirdly misshapen alien hearts, just the pod cast’s alone have been an absolute blast so much that we couldn’t help but extend this season a few more episodes. See you for season THREE folks.

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