ULTRAWINGS VR HTC Vive Gameplay & 3 Steam Key Giveaway

Let´s fly some airplanes in Virtual Reality again, this time trying out Ultrawings on HTC Vive, a beautiful and fun arcade flight game reminding me of Pilotwings 64! Ultrawings makes you a skilled and certified pilot in VR doing flight-jobs, earning money and spending it all on new aircraft’s and airports.

Check out Ultrawings on Steam, and play it on your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset in Virtual Reality:

Ultrawings is developed and published entirely for VR by Bit Planet Games, and thanks to them, I’m happy to announce a Ultrawings giveaway with 3 Steam keys this Thursday night. Wanna be in the random giveaway contest? Subscribe to SweViver, click the Like button and leave any comment under this Ultrawings video. Thank you so much for this, Bit Planet Games.

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Thanks for watching, and let´s have another one tomorrow!
Cheers guys

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