Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein – Arcade Fighting Game (Capcom 1998)

Check out this old school Capcom fighting game from the late 90’s, Plasma Sword! The game shares many similarities to other 90’s arcade fighting titles, such as Rival Schools, Bloody Roar, and Star Wars The Masters of Teras Kasi.

This was a lesser known arcade fighter, that while not living up to the popularity of other leading Capcom fighting games like that of the Street Fighter series, it was still a notable game by any means.

Plasma Sword functioned with a 4 button control scheme, and featured a plasma guage, that when full players could unleash power attacks. Each character is also equipped with a unique plasma weapon.

The game functioned on a 360 degree playing field, and featured strafing maneuvers to evade enemy attacks.

This is a full playthrough of the game, including the battle with the end boss Bilstein.

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