DEAD MOON – Revenge on Phobos VR HTC Vive Gameplay | Exclusive Pre-Release First Look

Today I´m jumping into Virtual Reality and my HTC Vive, playing the exclusive Pre-Release version of DEAD MOON – Revenge on Phobos. DEAD MOON is a new DOOM and QUAKE-inspired First Person Shooter made for Virtual Reality with heavy weapons, atmospheric Sci-Fi environments, story-driven campaign and intense old-fashioned DOOM FPS gameplay with free VR locomotion.

DEAD MOON – Revenge on Phobos is aimed for a public release on July 28th (in about one week) and it supports HTC Vive as well as Oculus Rift VR-headsets.

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Big thanks to Mercury Aerospace Industries, the developers and publishers of DEAD MOON, for bringing me an early pre-release review copy of this great VR shooter. Despite a few minor flaws I´m mentioning during the gameplay (that I really hope get´s fixed), I truly enjoyed DEAD MOON Revenge on Phobos a lot and it brings me back to the good old DOOM-days with lots of gore, creepy monsters, Shi-Fi surroundings and crazy weapon arsenal.

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