HERE COMES THE PLAGUE!!! | Boo Bunny Plague (PC) Gameplay #1 | EASTER Special (2017)

Hello, and welcome back to the channel! Today I’m playing a little indie game called ‘Boo Bunny Plague’. An obvious “word play” of the Bubonic Plague, but with a silly twist to it just to undermine all of those deaths muh rite?? It’s a game about a RoboBunny named Bunny who sings some groovy punk rock tunes and a RoboMachineGunKelly named Gunny who I have yet to play with (sexually). The bestest of friends trapped in an endless cycle of nonsense and debauchery…Oh, also it’s EASTER!! So you know, bunnies…I make a weird face through out the entire thing cuz yah know…anxiety and that made my jaw hurt a lot cuz yah know…bruxism haha The audio in this video is terrible & has inconsistent volumes as well as multiple awkward, annoying & at times jarring vocal demonstrations such as (ASMR) lip smacking & white noise static….I hate it too.. editing is choppy too. I hope you enjoy, if you don’t like it then f**k you. ..jk (**smooches forehead) Rub your body on the like button, and don’t forget to like, comment & subscribe for a big ol’ d**k in the face! Not mine. Mine’s not that big unfortunately. :/ Follow me on twitter @RudeRhymerEnt for updates & also on Twitch for live streams!


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HERE COMES THE PLAGUE!!! | Boo Bunny Plague (PC) Gameplay #1 | EASTER Special (2017)

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