Birds of the Sun vs. The Masters of the MusicVerse

The official Birds of the Sun fan Game. A New, Old School Space Shooter, set in a MusicVerse
like really far away..  You will be defending Galaxy’s, Planets, Nebula’s and yes, maybe even a dodgy little rock. All while fighting your favorite Musicians and bands.

The latest ‘Birds of the Sun’ Cd, will be your soundtrack, as you plummet down this Space Rabbit Hole. Confronting over 50 different enemies with Challenging Boss Battles.
You are the last hope to obtain peace in the MusicVerse…                Are you ready?

     Hey, I’m Nate. The creator and developer of the New, Old School Space Shooter. ‘Birds of the Sun vs. The Masters of the MusicVerse’  also the Singer, Guitar player of Australian Rock Band ‘Birds of the Sun’. 

     Growing up it was these simpler types of games that I remember spending hours with my brother playing down at the local Arcade. My mother would each give us $2 worth of 20c pieces. And that was us, we were stoked. Looking back now i’m sure that it was just a way of her getting us out of the house, and out of her hair! We would ride our Bmx’s down into town, racing through the tracks and jumps we had made on Construction Sites along the way.  And arrive at the Arcade.

     Once at the Arcade we would meet up with our friends from school. The tough kids, us kinda the nerds and that hot girl you were always afraid to talk to. We would put our 20c pieces into 1942, Double Dragon, Moon Patrol, Galaga, Wonder Boy, Bubble Bobble, Shinobi and Gyruss.
I loved Gyruss. I was the king of Gyruss. Like the midget from ‘Game of thrones’ with a mullet. I could shred that game! 

     So now, many moons later. I wanted to create that style of game and those simple feelings that I grew up with, for kids growing up today. And believe me. This game is intense! gaming Patterns both up the Jin and the Jang. Through testing there is still no-one who has finished it in one pass.

     So I hope everyone enjoys this game, As much as I did creating it.      
I will be coding new stages for our Bounty Board every chance I get, But that being said. I have already got the next game circling around inside my head.

     It is going to be….

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