Afro Samurai Meets Bullet Hell | FURI

The jailer is the key, kill him and you’ll be free. These are the first words you hear in this game. It’s really one hell of a ride as well. I didn’t know if this would make a good let’s play, so I only recorded the first episode but let me tell you something. I’m like 50hrs into this game and I finally beat it. But there’s only like 9 boss’s and the second boss is the fucking hardest. I know a lot of people have probably never heard of or seen this game before. But I think it’s an amazing game that deserve some love.

Lemme Just Whoop Your Ass | Shovel Knight Spectre Of Torment | Part 3 |

Shovel Knight Specter of Torment! In this episode I finally make it to the boss (which I mean, I did it in 2 episodes so that’s pretty good right?) You might remember him, if you’ve ever played or seen a shovel knight let’s play. But I digress, I had a bit of trouble with the grave stone dudes. I don’t know what they are called but they put up one hell of a fight man. Anyways! I hope you guys enjoy this let’s play and I hope you have a great day! Or at least, better than my day was when Playing this… lol, it wasn’t that bad honestly.


Hello everyone and welcome I am Purpleoak and this is a game called “Carrots And Cream” This game may just change your life, so please watch and be amazed by the greatness that is….CARROTS
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HOUSE PIXEL ART HORROR GAME – Daddy Wants To Play – Indie Horror Game ( #IndieHorror )

HOUSE PIXEL ART HORROR GAME – Daddy Wants To Play – Indie Horror Game ( #IndieHorror ) Well here we go another trip around the sun. This time I am playing a game called House Pixel Art Horror. From what I’ve gathered you are a boy/girl who can see ghosts are something weird. The lights play a role in the gameplay as well. The real kicker is when Daddy arrives to give me hugs and kisses 😀 So please enjoy another Indie Horror game, Thank you

MARYSE – Indie Horror Game – BEYOND TERRIFYING ( #Indiehorror ) ??

MARYSE – Indie Horror Game – BEYOND TERRIFYING ( #Indiehorror ) ?? Maryse is a pixel indie horror game that is free on The game literally gave me chills and I really don’t know why. It certainly had some very spooky elements to it. It has 2 endings as well, so I did both endings for you.. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out my Twitter. You are a girl who is stuck in a horrible Nightmare state of mind and must escape.