I did NOT open the HUGE A** portal on purpose ;D

We take a break from the all the quests and bosses that we defeated to upgrade our armour, matter manipulator and ship, while I give a channel UPDATE. We then open the MONOLITH PORTAL and find out that the last artifact was with us all along!!! We also continue going around finishing up other small quests and buy ourselves a hoverbike!!
I hope you enjoy 😀

Such an INTENSE anf FIERY dragon fight!!

We are back for one more crazy and fun filled quest fight. This one is very different from the rest, we fight to defend the castle from the cultist and Asra Knox on his Bone Dragon!!! I am very sorry about the commentary guys, it really was very difficult to keep up with such a big fight, but it let’s me learn 🙂 so next time I will be much better ;D
I hope you enjoy 😀

It is INCREDIBLE the way palms grow!

We continue to grow our raft with a second level and begin farming tiny adorable potatoes and palm trees that grow as you looka at them. We have some more close encounters with the sharks and end up killing it for its valuable meat. We also build a whole line of nets to catch all the debries from the ocean. Enjoy 😀