Dva Meka Statue Review !!!

Hey guys today we will be unboxing the Dva Statue we just got in the mail hopefully you enjoy the video remember to leave a like , comment , and subscribe it really helps out the channel. Sorry about the pc in the background tried to edited it out my best will fix next video. 🙂

Winston’s Safari Adventure | Part 1| Psychic Flowers

A safari adventure with the lovely gamecatcher! Come and see our crazy adventure through my backyard.

Channel update + Overwatch highlights

update and highlights
Essentially a hero-based shooter, Overwatch assigns players into two teams of six, game made by Blizzard.

VNN 5 Mushroom Kingdom Cloud Hacked…

This week on VNN, Your source for video game news! We tackle the extreme footage from an earth satellite attacked by an insane cyborg. We also discuss princess peach’s nude hack! And we talk about Roadhogs victory in the pie eating contest down in north carolina! We also would like to send our deepest condolences to the family of Meteorologic ally challenged 5.0. No one could have expected that a face hugger would escape from captivity and make it’s way into our studio. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of crisis. Not our money though, we need that to hire a new weatherman.


This is a Stream Highlight video where both teams on Overwatch had pushed the payload all the way to the end on Junkertown. What happens next is beyond comprehension.

My 2017 Dva Gaming Pc Build

Hey guys senpai here bringing you a special video i’ve been working on a project on overwatch for awhile and i finally decided to upload it for you guys. I did everything on this pc by myself from the painting , sanding, and clear coating so would appreciate it if you guys would leave a like, comment and subscribe it really does help out my small channel. 🙂

Overwatch – Funny And Epic Multiplayer Gameplay – With Freaky_NL_

===About the game===
Overwatch Funny And Epic Multiplayer Gameplay With Freaky_NL_
Check out an entire round of Overwatch running on the PC in glorious FULL HD 1080P.
To bother I had a taste of it! Two victory matches also accumulate in the pocket. I do not play Overwatch everyday. Occasionally it is nice to do. 20 minutes of fun gameplay! Check out our other videos in the channel. and press even on Subscribe!