Monster Hunter World Beta #1 – Learning the Ropes!

Here it is my first foray into a Monster Hunter game! Thanks for watching. Social Media: Twitter – @Lazy_Dallas Twitch – Sounds and Music: SuperGold70 and you can find the full track here –…

FAT ZOMBIE ON THE LOOSE!!! – Resident Evil 6 – Coop Playthrough 8

Welcome to the Walkthrough Of Resident Evil 6. Me and Cat are taking on Zombies in Resident Evil 6. She never played this before so it should be a fun experience, if you like Resident Evil , or Coop videos don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe CatsChannel: Follow Me On Social Media Twitter: […]

Strat Roulette/ Rainbow 6 Siege

What is going on my lovely amigos. Its your dude YIPPEE with another video of Rainbow 6 Siege in which I try the infamous strat roulette. This is mostly a gag video and has shows no skill whatsoever haha. Please sit back and enjoy the video. As always I will see you amigos out there. […]

I Am Traumatized/ Outlast

Happy Halloween my lovely amigos!!! This is my first attempt on a horror game on this channel. I wanted to get in the spooky celebration by sharing my first time playing Outlast. This is probably also one of my longest videos up to date. This video is also considered by me as a walkthrough of […]
COD AW: Noob playing in uplink

COD AW: Noob playing in uplink

While we are waiting for the DNA bomb from the Inferno, let’s have some light moment from a noob playing uplink in Comeback map. Yes, he was right, he needs to throw the drone to his own uplink station.  He can do that again next time while playing against me. Uploaded by MunchkinLetty.