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New Headquarters Glitch in Call of Duty WWII!
Easy glitch, Need the sit emoticon
44 Supply Drops!

GTA V Teleport Glitch

Hi guys this is just a little video i made for people who hate having to drive all the way back to the city and that want to save time on GTA V. please leave a like and a comment if you liked the vid, also dont forget to subscribe. Thanks!!!!

Far Cry 4 Glitches – Money Glitch – EASY WAY TO MAKE LOTS OF MONEY – Gameplay

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Far Cry 4 Glitches – Money Glitch – EASY WAY TO GET OVER 50K IN MINUTES and this can be repeated! , Welcome to Far Cry 4 my name is Purpleoak. I show you the easiest way possible to farm money. It will require the homestead in the campaign.
It is a money exploit glitch that allows you to harvest plants from the garden and sell them for over 50k easily. It takes only a few minutes as well. Then once that is done, you can do it all over again. In future videos I will show you other methods as well ?

Such an INTENSE anf FIERY dragon fight!!

We are back for one more crazy and fun filled quest fight. This one is very different from the rest, we fight to defend the castle from the cultist and Asra Knox on his Bone Dragon!!! I am very sorry about the commentary guys, it really was very difficult to keep up with such a big fight, but it let’s me learn 🙂 so next time I will be much better ;D
I hope you enjoy 😀


Hello everyone today im going to show you some glitch spots on modern warfare remastered, These spots can be used for trickshotting, geting full kill steaks and maybe even a nuke if you play your cards right!
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The good thing about using a LMG, BRM for this player, is its accuracy and its range.  Its fire rate could be slow but for a large map like Infection, this is one weapon that you can try.