Indiecent Exposure – Super Lumi Live

I play Super Lumi Live in this episode of Indiecent Exposure! The game is a platformer with bright colours, nimble movement and interesting obstacles to double jump over and sprint away from! It’s a new take on classic platformers. As with all platformers, I die quite a lot but that’s not gonna stop me from doing more platformers for you guys!

Indiecent Exposure – Grave Danger

On this episode of Indiecent Exposure, I play Grave Danger, a fun indie 2D puzzle platformer that has you switching between 3 characters to solve puzzles using their unique skills. A game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and feels very intuitive as far as the gameplay is concerned. The visuals too make it pretty light and fun to pick up and play!

Chainworm Kommando – custom DooM mod

German mapper Chainworm666 released his first map pack and I give it a whirl, it was an amazing journey of 10 well designed and detailed maps. It is just amazing how well the engine holds up after these last few decades and still is used by modders and mappers today! Come check the full playlist out.