Top 5 Call of Duty Games

While playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered, I started think to myself what actually makes MWR and COD4 so great? That gave me the idea to make a video where I discuss a COD Top 5, where I give the top 5 best COD games ever released, in my opinion of course! When it comes to having fun on COD, I think one of the most important aspects is having your boots on the ground, and no boosting and flying. That combined with small maps that encourage run and gun gameplay are what make an amazing game. With that said, it should come to no surprise that my top 5 COD games are all boots on the ground, and include none of the futuristic stuff we have seen with COD Advanced Warfare and COD Infinite Warfare. Let me know which COD is your favorite out of this COD top 5 in the comments! read more

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