Call of Duty: Modern Warfare I Use Every Gun EP. 5 The G36C

Hello and welcome to the next series on my channel Call of Duty: Modern Warfare I Use Every Gun. In this series I will use every single gun that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered has to offer. This is the fifth episode of the series. We kick off the fifth episode by using the next gun on the list which is the G36C Assault Rifle. Thanks for watching don’t forget to like the video for support and subscribe to become apart of Team Warfare today thank you.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare I Use Every Gun EP. 4 The G3:

Resident Evil 3 – Killing Nemesis w Sig Pro Enhanced No Damage

Anyone up for nemesis killing? I kill nemesis with every gun possible without taking any damage and this time with Sig Pro Enhanced. If you think “this is easy” i suggest you to try! If i rate its hardship i probably give it 2 out of ten but that’s after playing it for hours. I don’t think gamers i see they streaming on youtube couldn’t probably do that.

Contra Force Perfect FullPlay (NES)

Contra is already an amazing game but Contra Force definetely the best
I shouldn’t forget to mention the SEGA version Contra Hard Cops
You gotta play these folks. Choosing characters and different weapons
No death and no assist challange
i mean it’s not a total challenge though but it’s a fun game
If only it would’ve been a litter harder.