COD Advanced Warfare Game Plays Competition.

This is a monthly competition and to take part, you just have to submit your YouTube multiplayer game plays.

The competition challenge for February is a DNA Bomb.  So to join, you need to submit a game  play with a DNA Bomb.  The game play that garners the most number of Facebook sharings and with at least 10 Facebook sharings in the post will win the competition.  This is a monthly competition and if the response is good, we will have a weekly competition.

There is only one person that will win the competition each month.  That person will walk away with a US$100 price.

To take part, you just need to login first and in the Post Content part below, please add some descriptions of the video followed by the Youtube URL.  The form will automatically display the video once it is posted on our site.

You can submit as many game plays as you want each month that met the monthly challenge.

Please record the full match of about 10 minutes.  An example would be this FFA game play in the map Retreat.  You can submit similar game play.

The next winner will be announced on 1 Mar 2015.


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