Mirror’s Edge Chapter 7 Pirandello Kruger in The Docks

Mirror’s Edge is an action adventure parkour FPS (First Person Shooter) perspective game.The main character of the game is Faith Connors “Faith” who wants to defend her sister Kate’s reputation and help her not to be prisoned.This game is mostly about running and jumping on rooftops and inside buildings in “The City” but also there is some combat actions and shooting.The game was released on PC in 2009 and since then the 2nd part also came out in 2016 : Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Mirror’s Edge
Chapter 7 : Pirandello Kruger (in The Docks)
Type : Playthrough / Walkthrough

If you watch this game it looks easy but it isn’t 🙂 There are points where you can get stuck for a long time and you can only pass a certain section after only many attempts.I play it on PC and sometimes controlling causes me some headaches mostly with sideway jumps after a wallrun.My videos are semi-edited which means I show the points where I failed and died but always just the first one as in many cases I made many attempts to make it through.I think the most was about 50 times.Honestly it would be painfully boring to watch my suffer over and over again.But overall it’s a really fun game to play but be prepared for some serious frustrations at some points but as soon as you pass them you’ll enjoy it again a lot as it’s a cool game.

The game was developed by EA Dice and published by EA Games in 2008 for consoles and 2009 for PC.

You can read their video policy here : https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/faq/how-to-request-permission-for-ea-games-content/

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